Stanley Heating and A/C
Elkin, North Carolina

Tommy Stanley’s family-owned heating and air conditioning business let him spend lots of time with his mother, but not the quality time you could imagine. “My mom Mary Ann manages our accounting with QuickBooks, and she and I were spending too many late nights entering and reviewing work order information for our commercial customers. We’d grown the business to include two technicians covering the Elkin area, and that meant our paperwork burden was growing too,” said Tommy. The Stanley’s were even more concerned about delays in billing or items that were never listed on work orders in the first place.

Tommy’s technicians live up to 45 minutes away and when they had to drive to the shop to pick up work order information, that was non-billable time. Dispatching via phone calls helped, however, it was hard to get all of the customer information to the technicians, such as a materials list and customer address.

“I wanted to find an electronic solution for my work order paperwork and it had to be affordable”, said Tommy. “I couldn't spend $10,000 per truck, but I couldn't keep growing with my current process. That’s when I found FieldRanger Software.”

Stanley technicians now run FieldRanger’s Mobile software on Treo 600 PDA handhelds with data connections from Cingular. Tommy uses FieldRanger Dispatch and Scheduling software to send the next day’s work orders to his technicians who see their entire day’s worth of work by “synching” their Treo. Tommy and Mary Ann use FieldRanger’s Dispatch and Scheduling software to review completed work order information and send it directly into QuickBooks for immediate billing.

“I just closed my books for the month, and it took me a fraction of the time that it used to because of FieldRanger’s interface to QuickBooks. I’m focusing on serving and growing our customer base and I don’t miss the late nights spent on paperwork,” said Tommy. “If you want to manage your business without adding staff and capture every piece of billable information, FieldRanger is the solution for you!”


Stanley Heating and A/C Success Stats
Return on Investment: 520%

Office Time Savings
3 minutes/work order set up * 120 work orders/month * $25 = $150/month

Tommy Scheduling Time
.5 hours of Tommy's time/day * 40 dollars hour * 5 days week * 4 weeks = $400/month

Technician Time Savings
10 minutes/day * 20 days/month * 2.5 technicians * $43/hour = $358.30/month

Cash Flow Increase from Faster Billing

Total Benefit in the First Year
(150 + 400 + 358.30) * 12 months + $10,000 cash from faster billing = $20,900

FieldRanger Cost
$4,016 (3 Treo’s plus $209.94*12)

$20,900/4,016 = 520%
“Our Service Technicians save at least 30 minutes every day with FieldRanger Software"
Richard Etheridge, Pro Quality Tech

“It used to take us 2 weeks to invoice customers now we have invoices out the door in 2 days with FieldRanger Software!!”
Tommy Stanley, Stanley Heating and A/C
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