FieldRanger’s web-based product offering, automates essential business functions that save your company time and money. Get up and running quickly with FieldRanger's simple time and location tracking direct to customer billing, and begin taking advantage of a proven 20-to-1 monthly ROI.
  • Work Order Information: Dispatchers create all work order number, names, descriptions, date and notes, and assign them to field-based workers via the Web.

  • Time Tracking: Track time spent per job, quickly and easily view and edit time cards online.

  • Signature Capture: Workers capture customer signatures in the field on their Palm OS Devices. Back at the office, customer sign-offs are viewed using FieldRanger's Web Dispatch tool. No more guessing, no more paperwork.

  • Location Tracking: Dispatchers can view job site locations on a map, and can even locate employees that use Sprint devices. By assigning work orders to field employees closest to the customer, companies cut down on non-billable travel time and improve customer service.

  • Accounting Package Integration: Customer, work order, and job time information is sent directly into supported accounting programs, which eliminates paperwork, reduces administrative overhead, and streamlines the payroll and invoicing processes. FieldRanger currently integrates with Intuit QuickBooks (Pro, Contractor, Premier, and Enterprise editions). FieldRanger can also provide custom integration with other accounting software.

  • Palm OS Mobile Client: On-site employees utilizing Palm OS mobile client can update work orders in the field.
Ready to leave your paper trail behind and start saving money today? Contact FieldRanger sales representative using our online form or call 503-802-7647.

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